Flower Care

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Flower Care


Add one (1) cup of water every other day to the center of the flower box. Make sure you keep flower foam wet, or change out the water everyday if there is a vase or container.  Avoid placing flower arrangements in windows and other areas with full sun where flowers can wilt due to overheating.  Keep fresh flowers away from drafts and extreme temperatures, which can quickly dry out the flowers and cause wilting. Pro Tip: Place bloom box in refrigerator for longer lasting blooms when you are not home to enjoy them.


SNIP-SNIP! Start your bouquet off on the right foot in its new home with a quick trim. Find a pair of sharp scissors, kitchen shears or even a sharp kitchen knife and trim at least 1/2" off each stem. Pro Tip: Aim for a 45° angle! The angle provides more surface area for the flower to drink from and prevents the stems from sitting flush to the bottom of the vase where bacteria builds up.

HYDRATE! Your flowers are in need of a fresh drink of water! Fill a vase with cool tap water and get your bouquets hydrating post-trim. Pro Tip: Change the water daily (or as often as you can possibly remember). Changing the water helps reduce the growth of bacteria which grows naturally on the flower stems, especially as they age. Higher levels of bacteria means the flowers will die faster. Bonus Points: Remove individual flowers as they expire. This helps with bacteria build up and will keep your bouquet fresh longer!

STAY COOL! Help your flowers live their best life and keep them out of direct sunlight and extreme heat. Sunny windows are off limits! 


Keep flower crowns hydrated by spraying them daily with a mist of water and keeping them stored at the lower part of your refrigerator in a box or container.  Depending on your flower choice most flower crowns can last 5-7 days.


Flower food packets typically contain three ingredients: citric acidsugar, and....bleach (yes, it's true!). Plants do produce sugar during photosynthesis, but when they're cut, their food lines are as well. So they need a little bit of food to bolster their buds! 

The best part is that you likely have these ingredients in your kitchen! Here are several solutions to replace the flower food: